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Everybody may know your name in a small town, but if you've ever tried to find the right employee or the perfect job, you know firsthand that word of mouth can only get you so far.

Now there is a solution for dwindling newspaper readership among talented youth, and job sites that are either too expensive or not targeted for your town. MyJobly is the most cost-effective, targeted, job listing website in the area -- made exclusively for Lawrenceville, Bridgeport, Vincennes, Robinson, Olney, and Mt. Carmel.

Happy hunting!

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$ 29.99

$ 29.99 for 1 job listed for 30 days

One Time Fee
Allows 1 Job Posting
Non-Highlighted Post.

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$ 49.99

$ 49.99 for 1 job listed for 60 days

One Time Fee
Allows 1 Job Posting
Highlighted Job Post Front Page
Posted For 60 Days.

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$ 49.99

$ 49.99 for 2 jobs listed for 30 days

One Time Fee
Allows 2 Job Postings
Non-Highlighted Posts.

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Call 812.881.6969 today for special launch pricing and find the best plan for you. MyJobly accepts Paypal and multiple credit cards. Better yet, if no one applies within the posted time period, you get your money back.

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